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Juliet on Tom

Ahead of the go out, exactly what happened to be you dreaming about?

An individual who wasn’t a complete cock. (may i declare that?)

Very first thoughts?

The guy doesn’t resemble a Tom.

Just what do you talk about?

Cycling, and all of our mutual buddy James.

Any shameful minutes?

We got cheese in my own locks.

Good dining table manners?


Smartest thing about him?

The guy seems courageous (regaling me personally together with cycling crash tale), switched-on politically, and intellectual without getting smug.

Would you present him to your friends?

I did so. Everyone understood of each and every additional from Cambridge anyhow.

Could the guy meet up with the moms and dads?

Oh Lord. My nan would eat him for morning meal.

Do you embark on someplace?

A friend’s key club in Dalston. Tom adapted to the oddness fairly easily.

And… do you hug?

He was really sweet and charming, but we simply hugged.

Should you could transform a factor in regards to the night, what might it is?

He had been recounting watching Paul Weller at Latitude and I also started loudly speaking over him about precisely how Bestival is curated. I am not sure the reason why.

Scars regarding 10?

Delicious cheddar, fun products after – for your night it’s an 8.

Are you willing to meet once more?

I went along to his party on Saturday-night, he is coming to my personal housewarming, but as friends.

Tom on Juliet

Before the big date, just what had been you hoping for?

a calm dinner and hopefully a drink after.

Very first impressions?

Cool earrings.

Exactly what did you speak about?

Politics, cycling, school days, common pals and concept taverns we’d start.

Any shameful minutes?

Whenever waitress ended up being unsure whether to allow us to keep without having to pay…

Great table manners?

Great. A keen sharer.

Smartest thing about the girl?

Not that hard to speak with â€“ there was clearlyn’t a silent second.

Could you introduce her to your friends?

Yes, we believe they would jump on.

Could she meet with the parents?

Really don’t realise why not.

Did you carry on somewhere?

To a speakeasy in Dalston.

And… did you kiss?


Should you decide could change a factor regarding night, what would it be?

We would have stayed around a bit lengthier.

Scars from 10?

We mutually made the decision we had been above status, however for the sake of the question, 8.

Is it possible you fulfill once more?

She stumbled on my personal housewarming a couple of days later on.

Juliet and Tom consumed at
Champagne + Fromage
, London WC2.

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